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ROR Overview


The role of the trustee has never been more demanding. In fact the skill sets of all educational stakeholders have expanded. No longer can trustees see themselves as merely stewards of the schools fiduciary health and the hiring and firing of heads.
In order to best apply your professional acumen to assist the school you must have a more in depth insight into the unique challenges of each department…and nowhere is it more critical than in admissions. As the primary revenue source of the school your school cannot afford to stumble.
The Pandemic has changed the way recruiting will function forever. However, the systemic challenges to enrollment.and have been at play far earlier. People are waiting to have children and if they finally do they are having less. Furthermore, the economy has changed as the consolidation of wealth shrinks the pool of families who can afford independent education… further challenging admission offices to meet their yearly objectives
You will need to develop greater Insights into the complex role Boards must now accept in this challenging era of educational recruiting. We will both review 10,000 foot views as well as granular discussions about how you can both understand and assist effectively with admissions.


Course Details

  • Examination of your of current enrollment challenges
  • Discuss Clarity of Vision and Mission
  • Review Recruiting partnerships
    • Faculty
    • Students
    • Alums
    • Agents and consultants
  • Creating new referral sources
  • Staffing configurations
  • Budget
  • Marketing
    • Branding
    • Outbound
      • advertising
    • Inbound
      • Social media
  • Overview of of the current forces affecting admissions
  • Options for Enrollment Management Office Organizational models
  • Review of Hiring
  • Review of Compensation options
  • Brainstorming session to develop priority based, board level objectives related to constructive admission office interaction.

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