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The Power of Gratitude and Friends

Dear Friends,

Welcome to my first blog of 2022, First of all I thank all of you for your incredible support of Dartmouth Associates as we celebrate our second anniversary.

With 35 years of success as a Head, Director of Admission and Development, and national sales executive, I felt confident that I had  unique skills to alter the face of recruiting. Little did I know the forces I had to overcome to start this business. Nancy, my best friend and wife of 43 years fell down the stairs and received a traumatic brain injury. Therefore,  before hiring a caretaker, I had to help take care of her at home, all during the brutal, Covid era.

In spite of her infirmity, she remained steadfast in her support of our vision. I was convinced that we could  offer admission professionals a diverse universe of unique opportunities to promote their schools.  Like all new businesses. There are no magic bullets for success,  I made hundreds of calls and sent out 1,000’s of emails promoting my services.  Slowly, I gained a few clients and was able to survive the initial  months. The real key to finally cementing our future were the veteran colleagues from my past. This core of professionals were unflinching in their support and encouragement.

Everyday,  I start my day reflecting on the gratitude I have for my friends, Nancy and our two sons, Hagan and Gable, both of whom are our staff. Everyday is truly a terrific day filled with so many opportunities to help my educational colleagues. That said, subsequent blogs will be my reflections on the future of education in general, admissions specifically and personal tips that will help you maintain a state of Dynamic Readiness ™  and keep you in a state of Wellness Performance ™ . Dartmouth Associates is now an international team from whom you can expect daring, new approaches to the profession from around the world. 

Already ,we publish ROR Magazine, the only global, lifestyle magazine for admission professionals, consultants and agents. Additionally, we have also  created  Results Oriented Recruiting, the only sales training program curated specifically for Admission professionals. Additionally, we offer bespoke executive coaching for board and heads, world wide podcast guest opportunities, and training summits that unite the best of corporate and educational technology. We will continue to push the envelope of sagacious exploration to bring you solutions  to thrive in an increasingly tough, recruiting market…Let’s be fearless together!

Again, thank you to our clients who believe in us and our vision…the journey is just beginning and we are excited to have you along.

Yours in Courage and Enthusiasm,

Tom Schenck

Founder, CEO, Publisher

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