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Our vision is for Dartmouth Associates to become recognized as the global player that brings best in class programs, products and services to K-12 Admission Professionals!


There is a new era of evolution in the world of K-12 admissions. 50 years ago there was enough word of mouth, available kids and money, that admissions professionals were merely order takers for enrolling families. As the competition tightened actual marketing fundamentals were introduced to encompass all things internet, then came “Big Data” as the holy grail for admissions salvation.


This new, post-pandemic era of 2021 now forces schools to compete using a higher level of entrepreneurial thinking coupled with sales skills, and admissions services that offer clients a higher level of engagement. These programs must be nimble, cutting edge, and offer a compelling, value facing culture that delivers an unparalleled experience of results, and fun. You can be positioned to become the major player in your space and benefit from a relationship with Dartmouth Associates to increase awareness, credibility and sales, worldwide.


This partnership is a foundational opportunity to enhance your new image, and dominate the marketplace in partnership with Dartmouth Associates. This relationship will be an ever-evolving collaboration dedicated to penetrating the market at every opportunity. Besides the aforementioned assets, my long tenure in the unique world of independent education, sales and entrepreneurship will bring you additional value.

Our Corporate Partners are:

  • For-profit or not-for-profit businesses, companies, vendors or organizations in Education member institutions
  • Written Recommendation from an educational partner of Dartmouth Associates
  • Offer products and services at our events and/or webinars


Already launched, weekly Podcast:

The Admissions Entrepreneur…A Day in the life

(Hosted by Tom Schenck)

“Empowering stories from the world of admissions”

Nationally placed on Apple Podcasts and all other major platforms


1. 60 second sponsorship endorsement

2. Endorsement content in all the show notes each week

3. Consistent, dominant brand exposure on all email podcast marketing

4. Listener-only product discounts

5. Live interview with CEO

ROR Magazine

This is the first of its kind in the industry…an upscale, virtual lifestyle magazine for the Admission Professional

Format would include Editorial, Interview, Professional Profiles, Travel Destinations, School Spotlights, Cuisine offerings, Health and Wellness tips

**There is also the potential for printing and delivery to target schools and associations.


1. Key ads:  

    • Two page spread on the inside front cover

    • Two, full page spreads within the magazine

    • Full page spread back cover

2. Magazine Sponsorship introduction

3. Magazine only discounts

4. Interview with CEO

5. Live interview with CEO

Admission Summits

San Diego Admission Fest Summit: Power Marketing for the New Era.

Promoted as an intimate working conference for admission professionals, CTO’s, and Marketing Directors who want to leave with game changing strategies from best in class, engagement strategies to elevate their admissions success.


  1. Major presence on virtual event poster

  2. Major presence on all event promotions

  3. Major presence on physical and virtual signage at conference

  4. Spotlight educational presentation to group

  5. Banquet sponsor

  6. Attendee only discounts


Results Oriented Recruiting (ROR) solution

(Our signature product Includes)

A virtual admissions sales series of 4-hour webinar, Playbook & 40 three minute, individual mini-training modules.


  1. Featured as our educational partner on all materials

digital Book

Published Edition – The Admissions Entrepreneur 

It explains the foundations of my proprietary Results Oriented Recruitment (ROR) solutions


  1. Featured as our educational partner on all materials

Dartmouth Associates Additional Assets

  • Assistance with the development and expansion of Dartmouth Associates business supplier programs, utilizing Dartmouth Associates Ethical Behavior and Best Practices
  • Company or organization logo included in Dartmouth Associates online Corporate Partner listing, as well as appropriate marketing newsletters, brochures and other materials
  • Access to Dartmouth Associates registrants at Dartmouth Associates events
  • Use of the Dartmouth Associates logo on your marketing materials
  • National recognition as a supporter of the Admission and Enrollment Profession and the work of Schools in advancing, supporting and growing schools
  • Access to peers and industry colleagues, allowing for the sharing of best practices with Admission and Enrollment Professionals
  • Opportunity to participate in Dartmouth Associates global events that recognize and celebrate excellence in the development of the Admission and Enrollment Profession
  • Attendance at Dartmouth Associates Admission Fest Summit, where corporate partners generate business opportunities through sponsorships, networking, workshops and Annual Institute sessions
"Finally, a diverse campaign that gives us exclusive exposure to our key markets!" Mike Rivers, Marketing Director."
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