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Head Of School and Senior administrative searches


Each search presents a valuable opportunity to engage your institution in thoughtful conversation. We listen to important constituents such as the search committee, board of trustees, faculty, senior administrators, staff, and any other stakeholders the school deems important. Then we develop a profile of the position that is aligned with institutional priorities and serves as a recruitment tool.


We value diversity in all its forms and understand that qualified candidates can emerge from a variety of places, backgrounds, and experiences. To provide you with the broadest range of options, we engage in a comprehensive recruitment process that includes:

  1. Outreach to a broad network for nominations and applications.
  2. Conversations with prospective candidates from higher education, business, government, and nonprofit communities.
  3. Our candidate database includes successful leaders from both stateside independent schools and overseas international schools.


Due diligence is critical to the success of any search. While candidate interviews are important, a candidate’s record is of greater significance. We work with the search committee to gain a deep understanding of each candidate’s past performance through candid conversations with references, and thorough background checks.


Once a new leader is appointed, a well-managed transition helps ensure a successful tenure that will strengthen the school. Following a successful search, we advise the board and support the new executive through the transition, including:

1. Advising the Board of Trustees on the creation of a transition committee and its responsibilities
2. Coordinating the introduction of the new executive to the campus community.
3. Assisting with housing, moving, and family acclimation.
4. Advising the head-elect in developing an entry plan.
5. Providing leadership and transition mentoring as needed.


As the head of school is only as effective as the quality of the leadership team with our deep knowledge of Independent School management, we utilize a thoughtful process to help the school identify its administrative needs and the key leadership qualities required for success we tailor the search process to fit the needs of the school as with all searches the signature values of Excellence, Tenacity and Focus, define our working relationship with each client school

  • Upper School Head
  • Lower School Head
  • Athletic Director
  • Assistant Head of School
  • Director of Development/Advancement
  • Lower School Director
  • Middle School Director
  • Academic Dean

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