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We offer customized advising packages based on the student’s academic trajectory and the personal needs of the family. Full packages include the initial consultation. If you are interested in working with us through your admissions process, you can choose from the following options:


Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is an opportunity for us to get a sense of your educational values and priorities. We will review the student’s academic, extracurricular, and personal profiles, and gain an understanding of your family’s goals for lower/middle/upper school and beyond. We help you explore preliminary strategies for admissions and ways to manage the process.

Full Package

We offer a full package option depending on where the student is in their school trajectory.
This package includes consulting through the end of the student’s application process,
including waitlist periods.

  • Full package 1: For 6th – 12th Grade Entry
  • Full package 2: For K – 5Th Grade Entry

Full Package Includes :

A full package includes the various components listed below, though the order and frequency will vary depending on the student’s timeline.

  • Initial Consultation Fee See description above. (Fee waived for full-package clients.)
  • Selective Summer Program Applications (Where applicable) In these sessions, we will help you research and consult on best-fit programs, keeping in mind the personal goals of the student. We review program applications, personal statements, art portfolios/auditions, and/or science abstracts.
  • Academic Planning (Where applicable) In academic planning sessions, the advisor will review the student’s academic performance and create a recommended course of study for the duration of a student’s high school years. These plans will be designed with the student’s ideal college in mind and with a careful eye toward standardized testing.
  • Standardized Testing Plan (Where applicable) In this meeting, we will clarify the differences between the standardized tests, and we will create a timeline for test prep. We recommend when to leverage academic coursework to improve performance on standardized tests.
  • Admission Strategies A comprehensive meeting in which we discuss first-choice schools, academic interests, fit and size, letters of recommendation, and use of contacts
  • Financial Aid In this meeting, we review financial aid offerings and the differences between merit aid, financial aid, scholarships, and grants. We also discuss how to account for financial aid when making decisions about applying for early decision admission versus regular decision admission. (Where applicable). This meeting is intended for the entire family.
  • School List Typically taking place in the spring just prior to the start of the admissions process, this session will put forth a more permanent list of schools of interest, based on the initial consultation, sessions on summer programs, academic planning, and standardized testing results. We will revisit the school list as we advance in the application process in the fall.
  • Essay Preparation (Where applicable) In this meeting, we review essay questions, often in advance of receiving applications, and brainstorm particular areas of focus for each essay. We consider the length of response, the meaning of the message, and the information important to convey to each school. This meeting is intended for the student only.
  • Tour Meeting Preparation (Do’s and Don’ts) We discuss the campus tour, including what to expect, what to look for, questions to ask, and the dos and don’ts of touring schools.
  • Student Interview Preparation Meeting In this meeting, we discuss the interviews for each of the schools, what to expect, how to manage questions asked, and how to prepare. This meeting is intended for the student only.
  • Parent/Guardian Interview Preparation Meeting In this meeting, we discuss the interviews for each of the schools, what to expect, how to manage questions asked, and how to prepare. This meeting is intended for the parents/guardians only.
  • Outreach to Schools In this meeting, we discuss how to best follow up with admissions offices to ensure the application is rendered complete. Additionally, we act as your family’s advocate leading up to the day decisions are released and if wait-listed, this advocacy continues through that wait-list period. 
  • Notification Consultation We counsel you on admission decisions and next steps, including what to consider and how to proceed once notified. This also includes waitlist strategies.
  • Unlimited e-mails and scheduled phone calls Reach out to us at any point in the process. We are here to answer all your questions.

How did we enroll over 100 kids over the summer? We bring results!

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