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Publishers Letter – ROR Magazine community

Dear Members of the ROR Magazine community,

I hope that spring has flashed into you lives, as the days grow longer, the colors are brighter and hope for better times abounds.

However, these last two years have taken us all on a challenging journey that has shaken the very foundations of education. Specifically, as small boarding schools and colleges are now burdened with finding enough viable students at a time when there are less students and the money in the hands of fewer people. That said, some trends are starting to emerge as the We-are-in-this together” attitude is being replaced with “we-need-more-revenue-now” mantra, which places the urgent impetus on the shoulders of admission professionals to perform, now more than ever before. Heads are feeling the pressure from boards, who feel they have “rightsized”, subsidized the budget with the endowment and altered the mission, enough…they now want more tuition dollars in the door, period.

Particularly at small boarding schools, where even one less boarding tuition can make the difference between a crucial teacher being retained or a signature program continued, admission professionals are feeling the heat to “perform in the wilderness” as they feel leadership is not supporting them. Consequently, we are seeing admission professionals jumping ship to other schools in the spring, rather than even finishing up their contractual obligations through June 1st leaving their past school in an even bigger crisis with now no director!

Our parent company, Dartmouth Associates predicted this problem and developed a solution to save schools by supporting boards, heads and Admission professional with our bespoke, Results Oriented Recruitment training (ROR). If you find yourself in this situation, please call them, they will change your recruiting culture in 30 days and save you school!

In the meantime, we will continue to bring you both dynamic lifestyle articles as well as tackling the issues that are on the forefront of education across the globe. In these uncertain times, we must work together, and your passion and expertise through profession submissions lift us all. Please reach out to us and we will include your thoughts as part of the literary fabric that is allowing ROR Magazine to change the shape of education throughout the world.

Again, to our readers and advertisers we thank you for your continued support in becoming part of a movement…now, more than ever…It is time to ROR!

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