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Crushing Recruitment Villains

This compelling presentation is for all organizations who want their members to achieve results. It is highly interactive as he relates his personal story of surviving a near-fatal genetic disease and how he achieved success by crushing his own personal villains and going on to become the first NYC actor to portray Spider-man for Marvel Comics. He tells stories from his own life to illustrate universal truths about human accomplishment and success.
As a global speaker and best selling author, Tom’s unique approach in the area of personal and professional success gives specific strategies that allow admissions professionals to explode with confidence and dynamically execute their recruiting skills in the face of adversity. While many programs stress only training for professional skills, Tom uncovers the secrets behind why with even strong job knowledge, many perform below potential. Ultimately, Tom shows how recruitment productivity is directly related to skill development and how clearly each person understands their personal passions and priorities.

Key Themes

Tom teaches how to unleash the powers we thought we never had and achieve the goals we never could…How to crush the villains of fear, hesitation, excuses, and compromise, and ignite their lives through guardianship and living the superhero lifestyle of IATOR.

Value to Members

They will leave with clear strategies as to how to maximize both their personal wellness and their enrollment goals.
“All the website updates, data-driven research, social media campaigns, and expensive advertising buys are useless unless you have a strategy that monitors the right people, doing the right things at the right time, right now…we deliver results!”
Tom Schenck
Founder and President of Dartmouth Associates

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