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Recorded Module

Four Recorded Modules

Results Oriented Recruiting (ROR) is for Directors of Admissions, Communications and Marketing and their teams who want to learn a proven, systematic approach to marketing and recruiting. In less than 30 days, this system gives admission offices specific strategies and tactics to turn things around during slow enrollment seasons .
ROR changes the paradigm of recruitment with an entrepreneurial mindset by weaving in basic sales strategies within the foundations of educational recruiting. The system shows teams how to access “proactive inquiries” and guide prospective families through a concise process, where students matriculate, quickly.

If you are responsible for driving innovation, growth, and the family experience, including functional and cross-functional teams, this will give you a blueprint for your admission team to thrive.

ROR Implementation Playbook

We have created a concise,  step by step approach for applying the proprietary ROR intervention solution to your admission process. We take you from the adoption  of an entrepreneurial mindset, to using sales fundamentals as part of your recruiting planning and execution, and finally we give you strategies crucial to maintaining personal and professional Wellness Performance ™

The ROR playbook also includes forms, checklists, scripts, reports, staff practice topics, and sample team meeting agendas…everything you need to quickly  regain control of your recruiting success!

ROR Playbook

ROR On demand Training Videos

40, three minute, mini training modules have been created so that your admissions staff can review key ROR principles on a daily basis. Scheduled training and skills practice needs to be a crucial part of your professional culture, but  In the hectic world of an admission office, they are many times  tough to fit in.

 Once your staff has viewed the comprehensive ROR webinar they now can take a few minutes each day to train and  practice what they learned on their time. New knowledge that is not reinforced will be forgotten in three months. This portioned approach allows you to maintain your investment in the ROR solution by empowering everyone in your admissions process

Personalized Zoom Support

Your admission success is our greatest goal. Therefore, we will be available to you every step of the way to answer your questions as they come up. Now, as a member of the ROR community you are eligible to receive one hour per week of phone support for three months. You can set up times and modes of communication that work into your schedule…We are also happy to speak to your Head of School and Trustees to answer their questions as well.

ROR Zoom Support
ROR Membership

Instant Membership in the ROR Community

With your membership you will receive our weekly newsletter filled with new recruiting strategies taken from the most successful organizations in the world. You will also receive VIP priority for those of you who would want to promote your school as a guest on the Admissions Entrepreneur, the new ROR Podcast that profiles the biographies of dynamic professionals from around the globe.

Also, in the future, look for the premier issue of ROR Magazine, The only magazine dedicated to the lifestyles of successful admission professionals. Here you will learn their personal stories of how they continue to thrive in this exciting profession. Lastly, you get a 25% discount on all new ROR offerings, including your registration fee for the ROR’s Summit…an exciting celebration for professional development and just plain fun.


Teaching Skills For the Next Generation of Admissions

Each module covers the various components of the ROR system. 

Anyone responsible for driving innovation, growth, and the family experience, including functional and cross-functional teams, this will give you a blueprint for your admission team to thrive.

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Module Outlines

Module 1. The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Module II. The Desert and the Abyss
Module III. Masters of the Universe
Module IV. The Superhero Factor

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