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Thomas Schenck, Founder, CEO and Publisher brings his clients 25 years of educational success as a Head, Director of Admission, Development, and Placement, as well as earning top 1% performer status in national advertising sales. 

He is the Admission Sales Expert who is changing the face of education with ROR, his RESULTS ORIENTED RECRUITING training and nation keynote: The Superhero Factor: Sales Skills for the Admission Professional.

He and his team bring you results!


“Dartmouth Associates is a global consulting and promotional company that empowers Independent schools and colleges with the only sales training, curated for Admission Professionals, as well as offering  multi-media marketing and best-in-class products and services.”

The Super Hero Factor-Admissions Edition

  • Unleash Your Power!
  • Crush Your Villain’s!
  • Ignite Your Life!

Results Oriented Recruiting

"It's Time To ROR"

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